Doffice - Digital Office

Vu Thao Technology is a company that specializes in implementing the best digital enterprise management solutions in Vietnam, catering to the unique culture of each business.

Digital Office - Comprehensive Business Digitalization

The functions of eOffice and its seamless integration with multiple extended utilities make business management and operations easy, anytime, anywhere

The benefits

The Digital Office solution maximizes leadership and employee interactions with customers, optimizes resources, reduces costs, and enhances business efficiency based on a digital platform

For Business

  • Control from subsidiary companies to every employee through performance report
  • Standardize job processing procedures, document filing, and automate daily workflow processes
  • A comprehensive digital transformation solution enhances work efficiency, saves time, and reduces costs

For Managers

  • Produce up-to-date and detailed reports on the activities of different departments and the overall business
  • Manage job tasks within the scope of responsibility. Approve requests from employees anytime, anywhere
  • Having enough information to timely direct, implement, resolve, and approve tasks quickly

For Employees

  • Having tools for task assignment, delegation, coordination, and effective management of assigned tasks
  • Easily search for documents, records, forms, learning, and training materials
  • Comprehensive regulations and policies can improve collaboration and communication with colleagues and superiors

Comprehensive digitalization

This product is suitable for use in any type of business

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