For over 20 years, we have been implementing the best digital enterprise solutions in Vietnam, serving the unique culture of each business.


Processing thousands of digital approval files and documents every month.

Digitizing entire workflow across the corporation, enhancing user experience and improving work efficiency.


Reducing approval time from 3.5 to 0.5 days.

Digitizing nearly 100% of documents, with over 10,000 document records approved online per month.


Digitizing the reporting process with over 350 templates submitted by member units to the Corporation.

Digitizing office administrative processes, and applying digital approvals.

Digital Process Management – DPM

Comprehensive enterprise management solutions for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to Enterprise

Work performance analysis

Clear information transfer

Approval through mobile app

Business process design

Digitizing forms

Online interaction & approval

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Designing forms and workflows, from simple to complex

Well-suited for large to very large enterprises

  • Transforming paper forms (requests, payments, approvals, etc.) into e-forms
  • Setting up workflow processes, such as routing, branching, and budget matrices, across departments
  • Easily adjusting and modifying workflows and forms through drag-and-drop without requiring IT knowledge

Extracting data from forms and processes into dynamic reports

  • Data extraction tool from online forms for statistical reporting and data integration.
  • Configuring dynamic reports for each process, with role-based report viewing permissions
  • An overall view through automatically updated metrics

Monitor the entire workflow and interactions with customers 24/24 by DPM

Interacting to send and receive documents with partners/customers on a system

  • All customer communication is stored in the DPM
  • Profiles and contracts are sent and received directly on the DPM instead of traditional methods
  • Quick data retrieval, with exchanged data organized in a chronological flowchart

To increase productivity and satisfy your employees

Compatible & easily expandable

Building multiple specialized solutions on the same platform

Compatible with MS application suite: Office, Teams...

Customize processes to fit

Design your applications to specialize in tasks, forms, and similar processes

Track and set up departmental and expertise-specific reporting to control your operations' efficiency

Comprehensive digital experience

Comprehensive and rapid control with kanban boards, flowcharts, and schedules

Create a two-way interactive environment internally and with partners

Expanded ecosystem

Connecting the internal and external digital ecosystem; sending contract documents, and online signatures between businesses through Design and Transaction Hub

Easy integration with other application systems


Your satisfaction is our goal